Web Work ...

Here is a sampling of three websites I have worked on and four programming experiments. I try my best to learn new things every day.

heroes of the environment website

Heroes of the Environment

This is the home page of a site created for Harriet Rohmer to promote her book, Heroes of the Environment. She wanted to feature the book cover, bio, quotes, and awards, all on one page. She loved the result!
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li miao lovett web site

Li Miao Lovett

Li Miao's website started as a handful of files sent to me on a disc. I put everything together into a finished site, following the concept of the original designer. I work with Li to revise the content of the site on a regular basis. (Original design by Dilyara Breyer)
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echo communications website

echo communications

This is the home page for echo communications, a consulting organization headed by Mimi Ghez. The challenge here was to completely replace the old content with new content provided by Mimi, revise
the original design, and move the site to a new server. (Original design by SezG)
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Animation One

This is an animation I created using the HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. Here I experimented with object oriented programming. see site...»»

Multi-Square Animation

This is another animation I created using the HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. I used nested for loops and a random color generator function see site...»»

Guess A Number Game

Here I used Javascript to make a simple guess a number game. see site...»»

Pig Latin Translator

Here I used Javascript to make a pig latin translator. see site...»»

Digital Art ...

Here are six examples of digital art that I created. If needed, I can create something original for your website.

raining goats illustration

Raining Goats

Ever see raining goats on a commute home? You might in the fifth dimension! For this image I combined three of my photographs...
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tunisian door illustration

Tunisian Door

This image started as found photographs of a Tunisian door and a model's eyes. I combined these photographs and made this painting using the tools available to me in Painter 12.
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palo alto cafe photo

Cafe - Palo Alto, CA.

This image began with my photograph of a popular cafe in downtown Palo Alto, CA. I then used Photoshop to turn the image into an illustration.
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Mirror Face One

This illustration started with marker on paper, which I later scanned into Photoshop for placement.
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Mirror Face Two

This is my second mirror illustration. Marker on paper scanned into Photoshop.
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This illustration was painted on my iPad Mini.
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Original Music ...

Here is one of my original compositions that I made on my computer! It's titled, "Bleep!".